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Ann Verdcourt [1934-]

Still Life with Red Jug


From Inspired: Ceramics and jewellery shaped by the past
Previously Previously on display

<P><STRONG>Design through time</STRONG></P> <P><EM>Seeing the sameness of the containers of milk and other commodities in our supermarkets, I was struck by the more interesting shapes from the past.</EM></P> <P align=right>Anne Verdcourt</P> <P>This cluster of containers feels familiar and foreign all at once. It’s as if ceramic artist Ann Verdcourt has time-travelled to ancient Rome and back, plucking objects from daily life along the way. A medieval jug rubs shoulders with a straight-edged carton. Glass and plastic bottles are reinvented in clay – a most enduring medium.</P> <P>By bringing these everyday vessels together in one work, Verdcourt prompts us to ask: Why do they all look so different? How does our idea of good design change through time? </P>

ceramic, coloured slips

Purchased 2001

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