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From Inspired: Ceramics and jewellery shaped by the past
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<P><STRONG>An eye on the past</STRONG><BR>Jeweller Octavia Cook thinks of her contemporary eye pendant as a protective amulet &#8211; ‘something you couldn’t resist touching and loading with your own personal sentiments’.</P><P>The ancient Egyptians believed that the wadjet (eye symbol) would protect them in the afterlife. They wore jewellery depicting scarabs (desert beetles) for similar reasons.</P><P>Cook's pendant contains a nod to the Victorians, who sent coded messages of affection through jewellery. Here, the message is R.E.G.A.R.D. Zoom in and you can follow the code around the edge: red ruby for R, green emerald for E, purple garnet for G, and so on.</P>

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