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Bronwynne Cornish [1945-]

My Creature. From the installation 'My Creatures'


From Inspired: Ceramics and jewellery shaped by the past
Previously Previously on display

<P><STRONG>Appealing creatures</STRONG></P> <P>Bronwynne Cornish has given these ‘creatures’ a spark and humour that you would never find in the still, ancient statues that inspired them.</P> <P>The female figure seems delighted to be clutching a baby dragon &#8211; a pairing inspired by a gothic sculpture from Rheims cathedral in France. And the large-eared Riad figures look, to Cornish, ‘as though they were waiting for you to say something’.</P> <P>The ancient Greeks would offer daily prayers to religious figurines. Cornish seems to ask how we might find meaning in these small, personal statues today.</P>

ceramic; hand-built with slips and stains

Purchased 2011

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