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Letting Us In

18 Jan 2014 - 20 Jul 2014

Works on Paper gallery, Level 5, Te Papa

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Letting Us In

On first glance, these photographs appear simply to present domestic interiors. But look closely, and their meaning becomes more complex. Spaces, people, and objects change in their significance. The bedrooms, for example, are revealed as having closer ties with politics than privacy.

Some of the images mark technical advances in photography. In turn, these changes highlight the influence of photography on how we understand time.

The ambiguous nature of the images is a reminder that we can interpret photographs in many different ways. Surprisingly, this is perhaps most apparent when the subjects are familiar to us.

Selected Works

The living room (The 'great living room' with open timber roof. The dining room to left. The great table 5' 6 x 9' with top cut from a single rimu log originally 6' through. The bay window looks across the Bight to Egmont in the distance - A view seldom equalled)

Ann Shelton


Robert Frank's stove, Nova Scotia. From the portfolio: fifteen photographs by Walker Evans

Walker Evans


Fred Frederikse's stove, Atene, Wanganui, c1977.

Richard Wotton

circa 1977

Interior number 1. Taiaroa, Ellison house, Taumutu, Canterbury, March 1983

Laurence Aberhart


Untitled (Victorian room and clouds)

Jerry Uelsmann


Crib interior, Waipuna Bay, 1975

Gary Blackman


Single room flat, cnr Montreal and Worcester Streets - in 'Ma' Clifford house

Gordon Harold Brown


The Duchess of Yorks State Room, Fernhill

Muir & Moodie


Tuhoromatakaka (Maggie Papakura's house)

C P Parkerson

circa 1910