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Simon Denny: Magic manipulation and mind games

Many magicians have worked for the military. Denny explores manipulations and mind games, from corporate buzzwords to the human deceptions of espionage.

<P>Simon Denny talks mass surveillance, global security, and Edward Snowden. </P> <P>The exhibition <EM>Secret Power</EM> is part of <EM>Ng&#257; Toi</EM> | <EM>Arts Te Papa</EM>, Season 6, 2016.</P>

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Modded Server-Rack Display with Some Interpretations of Imagery from GCHQ ‘The Art of Deception’ Slides

Simon Denny, Modded Server-Rack Display with Some Interpretations of Imagery from GCHQ ‘The Art of Deception’ Slides, 2015, UV prints on Revostage platforms, powder coated 19" server racks, Cisco Systems WS-C2948G switches, LAN cables, Bachmann power strips, steel trays, EXTRA CHROME SXD II cassette tape, UV prints on plexiglas, coloured plexiglas cutouts, acrylic paint on blackboard, paperback Art of Deception book by Kevin D. Mitnick, Penn&Teller Bill of Rights - Security Edition trick cards, Penn&Teller A Perfectly Ordinary Deck of Cards box and cards, miniature camouflage net, model plastic barrels, hand painted Panda Pzkpfw. 38T Ausf. E/F 1:16 model tank, hand made plastic tank shield, hand painted Trumpeter HMS Dreadnought 1915 1:350 battleship model, 3D printed nylon mantis, Warhammer Visions magazines, Warhammer gaming models, hard rubber lizard model, hand painted foam core dummy tank, The Sphinx Independent Magazine for Magicians, UV print on plexiglas cutout, transparent and coloured plexiglas, UV prints on Aludibond, Fisso stainless steel spacers, laser cut plexiglas letters, anodised aluminium panels, permanent marker on paper, UV print on sandblasted laminated safety glass, powder coated steel and aluminium components, LED strips,
Purchased 2015.
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