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<EM>Te Kooti at Ruatahuna</EM> by Paratene Matchitt

Hear the artist talk about this work in an interview recorded by Te Papa in 2011

Te Kooti at Ruatahuna by Paratene Matchitt
<P>This recording was created for Te Papa’s in-gallery audio tour.</P> <P>Transcript: </P> <P>Artist Paratene Matchitt shares the reasons for his enduring interest in Te Kooti.</P> <P><STRONG>Paratene Matchitt</STRONG></P> <P>Everyone’s got a story about him. And those are really good stories. True or false? All true. And whatever aspect you might want to pick I think is a true aspect in people’s minds. So in mine, when I’ve been working on the Te Kooti programme way back in the 1950s, right up until to now &#8211; hasn’t left. And I decided, well, if it won’t go away, I’ll just stay with it.&nbsp;&nbsp; </P> <P>He wasn’t a perfect man, he wouldn’t be in the eyes of a lot of people. He was a pioneer, he was out there striving and struggling, at the same time he was killing people, at the same time he was inventing a religious ideal.</P> <P>The Ruatahuna thing is just putting him in a place. You’ve got to ask yourself, how did he get from one place to another? How did he get to here? In our saying at home, ‘he got there by horse’. In that kind of language. So, we’re trying to create that image here. Doesn’t look like a horse, but that’s what it’s about. And the man himself.</P>

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Te Kooti at Ruatahuna

Paratene Matchitt, Te Kooti at Ruatahuna, 1967, PVA on hardboard,
Purchased 2007.
Full object info is available on