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<EM>Studio</EM> by Derrick Cherrie

Curator Sarah Farrar talks about this large sculpture

Studio by Derrick Cherrie
<P>This recording was created for Te Papa’s in-gallery audio tour.</P> <P>Transcript:</P> <P><STRONG>Sarah Farrar</STRONG></P> <P>We are used to seeing things at life-size or in miniature, but Derrick Cherrie’s sculpture, <EM>Studio</EM>, sits uncomfortably between. Is it an upsized playhouse, a miniature show home, or an artist’s dream studio? What is going on here?&nbsp; What is it doing here?</P> <P>Derrick Cherrie is a contemporary New Zealand artist who currently lives in Australia.&nbsp; He made this work for Te Papa’s former Sculpture Terrace up on Level 6 where it was on display from 2001&#8211;2005. There, it withstood the fierce Wellington weather and winds. Much like our homes, <EM>Studio</EM> was built to last. It is constructed from regular house building materials, but is only about half the scale of an actual home.</P> <P>Each time&nbsp; the work is displayed it is reassembled: the ultimate DIY kitset project. And its raised platform suggests it could be moved and located just about anywhere.&nbsp; If it were yours, where would you put it? How would you use it?</P>

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Derrick Cherrie, Studio, 2001, Galvanised steel, cedar, aluminium, copper, plywood,,
Purchased 2001.
Full object info is available on