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<EM>The Barne Glacier, Antarctic Centre, Christchurch</EM> by Anne Noble

Curator Athol McCredie talks about this unusual ‘Antarctic’ photograph

The Barne Glacier, Antarctic Centre, Christchurch by Anne Noble
<P>This recording was created for Te Papa’s in-gallery audio tour.</P> <P>Transcript:</P> <P><STRONG>Athol McCredie</STRONG></P> <P>This is not a photograph of Antarctica. It depicts a diorama at the Antarctic Centre, in Christchurch.</P> <P>The cliffs are a painted backdrop, along with the penguins in the distance on the right. The figures posed stiffly in their red jackets in the foreground are mannequins.</P> <P>Anne Noble, the photographer, did actually visit Antarctica in 2002 &#8211; the year before she took this photograph. And while she was there, she began to think about how our ideas about Antarctica have mostly been formed through photography.</P> <P>So rather than add to the body of familiar, repetitive imagery, she decided to consider how the continent has been represented. She explores the frozen continent’s hold on us as a location in the imagination.</P> <P>Her Antarctic photographs prompt us to consider the differences between the real and the imagined, and what sort of role photography plays in the distinction.</P> <P><EM>If you’d like to keep exploring the collections, go past the Whare Toi Arts Studio to the galleries beyond.</EM></P>

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The Barne Glacier, Antarctic Centre, Christchurch, 2003

Anne Noble, The Barne Glacier, Antarctic Centre, Christchurch, 2003, 2003, colour photograph, inkjet print,
Purchased 2008.
Full object info is available on