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Glenn Jowitt talks about <EM>Sataua, Savai‘i, Western S&#257;moa, 1982</EM>

Glenn Jowitt talks about Sataua, Savai‘i, Western Sāmoa, 1982
<P>Photographer Glenn Jowitt (1955-2014) describes taking the photograph <EM>Sataua, Savai‘i, Western S&#257moa,</EM> 1982 in this 2012 interview.</P> <P>See photographs by <EM>Glenn Jowitt in the exhibition Glenn Jowitt: Photographing the Pacific</EM> at Te Papa.</P> <P data-associrn="38340"></P>

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Sataua, Savai&#39;i, Western Samoa, 1982. From the series: Polynesia here and there

Glenn Jowitt, Sataua, Savai'i, Western Samoa, 1982. From the series: Polynesia here and there, 1982, colour photograph, Cibachrome print,
Purchased 1983 with Lindsay Buick Bequest funds.
Full object info is available on