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Artist Bill Culbert installing <EM>Daylight flotsam Venice</EM> (2013) and <EM>Drop</EM> (2013) at Te Papa

<P>Artist Bill Culbert created these works, <EM>Daylight flotsam Venice</EM> (2013) and <EM>Drop</EM> (2013), as part of his exhibition at the prestigious Venice Biennale, where he represented New Zealand in 2013. Here, he installs the work for their first exhibition in New Zealand as part of <EM>Nga Toi</EM> | <EM>Arts Te Papa</EM>.</P> <P>Light has been Culbert’s medium and subject for decades. <EM>Daylight flotsam Venice</EM> and <EM>Drop</EM> explore the interplay between fluorescent light tubes and everyday objects. </P> <P>Culbert says: ‘The simplest and cheapest material to me is often … the most exciting … no matter how beaten up.’</P> <P>These works by Bill Culbert are on display at Te Papa from 22 August 2014 – 1 March 2015 in the exhibition <EM>Bill Culbert in Venice<EM>.</P></EM></EM>

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Daylight flotsam Venice

Bill Culbert, Daylight flotsam Venice, 2013, plastic and fluorescent lights,
Purchased 2013.
Full object info is available on