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Rayonist manifesto

An extract from artist Natalia Goncharova and Mikhail Larionov’s Rayonist manifesto of 1913

Rayonist manifesto
<P>The Rayonist manifesto, 1913, was translated by John Bowlt.</P> <P>Art works by Natalia Goncharova are on display from 22 August 2014 in the exhibition <EM>Natalia Goncharova</EM>.</P> <P>This recording was created for the <EM>Ng&#257; Toi</EM> | <EM>Arts Te Papa</EM> audio guide, spring 2014.</P>

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Sunflowers and portrait

Natalia S. Goncharova, Sunflowers and portrait, circa 1908-1909, oil on canvas,
Gift of Mme Larionov, Paris, 1973.
© Natalja Goncharova/ADAGP. Licensed by Viscopy, 2014
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