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Curator Athol McCredie on Frank Hofmann's <EM>Kampa Steps, Prague; Design for bookplate; Reversal design</EM>

The <EM>Ng&#257; Toi</EM> | <EM>Arts Te Papa</EM> exhibition <EM>Art of the 20th Century</EM></A> features works by Czechoslovakian photographer Frank Hofmann. Hofmann was inspired by New Photography -- a movement that sought 'modern' ways of seeing and viewed photography as art. He brought this vision to New Zealand from his German-occupied homeland.</P><P data-associrn="1040499"></P>

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Kampa Steps, Prague

Frank Hofmann, Kampa Steps, Prague, 1938, black and white photograph, gelatin silver print,
Purchased 2010 with the assistance of Andrew and Jenny Smith.
Full object info is available on