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Issue # 13 – Nov 2016

Untitled. From 'The object series'

Alexis Hunter: Year of the crotch

Claire Murdoch looks at the gender politics of the <em>then</em> and the relevance now of the art of feminist photographer, Alexis Hunter
Matt Pine, <em>Placement Projects: revisited</em>, 2016. Photograph by Mike O'Neill. Te Papa

Matt Pine: Placement Projects revisited

Taarati Taiaroa talks <em>M&#257;ori minimalism and international influence</em> with senior M&#257;ori sculptor Matt Pine (Te &#256;ti Awa, Te &#256;ti Hau Nui-a-P&#257;p&#257;rangi, Ng&#257;ti T&#363;wharetoa).
Artist interview
Tattooing, Samoa

Adorned | Whakarakei: The art of tatau and ta moko

Curators Matiu Baker and Sean Mallon discuss the history and practice of tatau and t&#257; moko.
Orphrey cross

Ten splendid objects

Justine Olsen, Curator of Decorative Art and Design, describes the significance of ten splendid objects from the exhibition <em>European Splendour: 1500&#8211;1800</em>.
Mrs Humphrey Devereux

Deconstructing Splendour

Mark Stocker, Curator Historical International Art, explains the background to <EM>European Splendour 1500&#8211;1800</EM>, an exhibition with the central theme of bright, beautiful objects, and their place in ‘splendid’ people’s lifestyles between 1500 and 1800.
Anthony Byrt, <em>This Model World: Travels to the Edge of Contemporary Art</em>. Auckland University Press, 2016.

Simon Denny: No place to hide

Art critic Anthony Byrt on Simon Denny from his new book <em>This Model World: Travels to the Edge of Contemporary Art</em>.
Portrait of a woman in red

Thank you very much, Ellen Eames!

Curators Sarah Farrar and Rebecca Rice pay tribute to Ellen Eames and her remarkable legacy. Their 'top ten' highlights the wonderful range of works acquired over the last 50 years with the Ellen Eames Collection Fund.
Photo Essay
Art Media

Installing Simon Denny's Secret Power at Te Papa

Time-lapse of Simon Denny’s ground breaking exhibition Secret Power taking over Te Papa’s art gallery.
Art news from Te Papa's blog

Constantly clearing copyright: Colour prints from the Banks’ Florilegium

Rights Manager Victoria Leachman highlights the latest items to be cleared for Collections Online: a series of beautiful, hand-coloured Banks’ Florilegium copperplate engravings. Part of.....

Albrecht the Great: Five Dürers at Te Papa

Dr Mark Stocker, Curator Historical International Art, explores five great Albrecht Dürer prints in Te Papa’s collection, and tells you all you ever wanted to.....

Are you a Dürer adorer?

Dr Mark Stocker, Curator Historical International Art, introduces us to one of his all-time favourite artists, Albrecht Dürer, who is represented by over 40 works.....

Rare books and the marvellous art of marbling

Research Librarian, Martin Lewis, explains why he’s been losing his marbles over marbling… One of the cool things about working in a 150 year old.....

Cinematic Renaissance animation starring Ursula the bear

Dr Mark Stocker, Curator Historical International Art, explores a highly unusual set of etchings which depicts a day in the life of a huge, shaggy,.....

An action-packed Anzac week: WWI, live performances, arts and craft, and fashion

The forthcoming ‘Anzac week’ is going to be an action packed one for Te Papa, with a wide range of events on offer for both.....

The stories found ‘behind’ the photograph

There are many obvious differences between digital photography and traditional photography. One that probably doesn’t spring to mind is a photograph’s reverse side, which is.....

Paul Cullen (1949-2017) – tribute to ‘witty and whimsical’ New Zealand artist

We are saddened to hear of the recent death of Auckland artist Paul Cullen (1949-2017). He was a constantly intelligent presence in the contemporary art.....

International Women’s Day – inspiring ‘women’s work’

Today is International Women’s Day. Initiated in 1910, International Women’s Day is ‘a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women’......

Mysteries of the Phantom wooden shield: Putting together the pieces

Conservator Catherine Williams is investigating one of Te Papa’s recent acquisitions – a painted wooden shield from Papua New Guinea featuring The Phantom – from.....

Art News from Elsewhere

Holocaust survivors' art on display in Berlin

The 'Art From the Holocaust' exhibit at the German Historical Museum is orrganised by the Holocaust memorial group Yad Vashem, and features 100 paintings, drawings and sketches from 53 Holocaust-era artists

Walters Prize 2016

Four artists have been announced by Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki as the finalists in this year’s Walters Prize

Extraordinary Interactive Hi-Res Exhibit of Bosch’s ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’

A seductive new multi-media introduction to Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights by Christopher Jacobson

Christchurch Art Gallery reopens 19 December

After five years of frantic activity, the earthquake damaged Christchurch Art Gallery is about to reopen

The 8th Asia Pacific Contemporary Art Triennial at Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (Goma)

Includes work by Rosanna Raymond, Len Lye, Angela Tiatia, and Shigeyuki Kihara

The Feminist is in the Room

Sonja van Kerkhoff on Alexis Hunter

New Zealand's rich photographic history

Athol McCredie interviewed by Lynn Freeman about New Zealand Photography Collected book and exhibition

Converging viewpoints

A joint exhibition of work by photographer Mark Adams and jeweller Areta Wilkinson opens at Dunedin Public Art Gallery